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Dance Informa. Resources for Research on Koreans in Hawaii. March, Celebrates at Mie n Yu". The Georgetowner. Retrieved 10 February The Washington Post Company. Retrieved 16 April September The Georgetowner June 5, Dance View Times. Retrieved 9 July September 20, August 11, Retrieved Where Magazine. October 24, Korean Cultural Center. November, March 27, Smithsonian Magazine. August 2, , p. Washington City Paper.

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November 30, Office of Media Relations" July 10, Government of the District of Columbia" February 11, Washingtonian Magazine. September 17, Papers People. Save to Library. In the act of creation, the artist dips into a state of attention, "constant vigilance", which propels to observe the world around them.

In this reflection on the processes of creation, we found the factors of the various stages or phases in which the creator develops a choreographic project. The researcher in Art aims at understanding the means that lead to construction of the artwork; for that scrutinizes the meanders of the mind of the artist through the survey data, objects, annotations, notes and drawings,maps, draft texts, besides the references listed by the creator.

A creation process covers all the complexity of elements that compose the final result, or the artwork; these elements together, as well the creator and performers, production team members, set design, lighting, marketing, costume designer, etc. Everything must consider in relation to the final product. Also, we must not forget the relationship of the work and his audience, or even finalized the results obtained as a result of the creation process also depends on the look of appreciation and fruition of the audience.

Even if the work is hard to understand, or that the audience is hypothetical, while creating his work the artist puts faith that someone, after a careful observation, be able to understand his creation; without this act of faith, the artwork is not consolidated and not make any sense for the artist. Beyond the black box: the site-specific choreography of Seven Sisters Group.

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Phonesia, My Dance R Evolution. Since , I have been in the process of inventing PHONESIA, a performative practice that mixes dance and speech by rearranging the structural links between doing and saying. By detaching voice from movement and meaning, this practice By detaching voice from movement and meaning, this practice questions the usual articulations between the movement of the body and the expression of the voice, between gesture and word, between dance and poetry.

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Here, the relationship between the musicality of words and dance movements is not based on the textual accompaniment of dance, but on a dynamic encounter between the two media. The sound of the pronunciation of words is as important as their meaning, just as the movement of the body is as significant as the weight of the text.

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It is a question of a synaesthetic dialogue, which renounces all forms of hierarchy between the senses and meaning. In addition, since one of the objectives of PIECD is to respect different perspectives, it may be that SSY is not welcomed by all, since it adopts foundations that are not always accepted in the West, for example, energy centers and channels Chakras and Nadis, respectively , bioenergy Prana and others. However, as my proposal is not to emphasize dissonances, but rather to emphasize congruences between contemporary and traditional proposals, I point out in the text a fundamentally convergent point between the creative processes of dance and SSY: both are only learned and developed in their fullness through lived experience.

An experience that demands from those who live it, availability, dedication, seriousness, commitment and a fundamental element in 'in-ex-corporation': state of attention, presence, connection and exchange with others, with others and with the environment. In Stock.

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Publisher: Dances on Paper Press , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Review : "Bright and articulate, Darcel Turner is a welcomed addition to the contemporary fiction landscape.

Dana Dances on Paper Dana Dances on Paper
Dana Dances on Paper Dana Dances on Paper
Dana Dances on Paper Dana Dances on Paper
Dana Dances on Paper Dana Dances on Paper
Dana Dances on Paper Dana Dances on Paper
Dana Dances on Paper Dana Dances on Paper
Dana Dances on Paper Dana Dances on Paper
Dana Dances on Paper Dana Dances on Paper
Dana Dances on Paper

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