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Little Mr. Beyond the fire island. Italian fairy book. Bibi, Baba and Bobo. Home fairy tales. Big Bird Dan. Big Eye Buzzard. Bypaths in Dixie. Big frog and the little frogs. Big Klaus and Little Klaus. See Little Claus and Big Claus. Big Peter and Little Peter. Big spider and the little spider. Folklore stories and proverbs. Billy B 's adventure. Billy Beg and the bull. Raised with no knowledge of magic, other worlds or fairies Taryn doesn't know what to believe about her realistic dreams of a magical forest with music in its trees and a beautiful man that begs her to save him every night.

She tries to forget the man and her dreams as the priest punishes her for them, telling her that the man is the devil and she has sinned by summoning him. Confused, afraid and yet feeling drawn to the warrior she doesn't know what to believe. Her father, the priest and their punishments or what she feels. One day her father announces she will be wed to the Raven of Rhyddon, rumors of his black-hearted deeds and magical powers were known throughout all of Wales and England alike and Taryn is afraid that he will turn out to be the demon lord they call him to be.

She decides to escape him if he turns out to be the devil and besides she will finally be away from her abusive father. Imagine her astonishment when her future husband is the man in her dreams. Her eyes opened wide, and her hand quaked hard enough to rattle her knuckles as it came to her mouth. He stood there, as he had so many nights before in her dreams, born of moonbeams and music. Her forest prince, her nightly angel was here in the flesh!

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He was real! There are several sidekicks from Gabriel's family that add to the story and one in particular is Elusen. I loved Elusen! I would love to read a book about him and his story. Another addition was Honorah, Gabriel's sister in law. She is Irish and this is where I had a bit of a problem. The author tried to write her Irish brogue by using "ya" and "yar".

Now, normally I don't notice or quibble about such things and her lines in the book aren't that many or close together but I swear every time I read "yar" I was pulled out of the book and kept picturing a ginger haired female pirate with a parrot on her shoulder. It was a personal annoyance that occurs very few times in the book and I just tried to pretend "yar" wasn't there and it was just good old plain "you".

I find my self unwilling to describe more of the plot to you. There's Aneira and her schemes and how Gabriel and Taryn fight her but I don't want to give anymore away as I think it will detract from it if you decide to read it. Another minor quibble is that there's some reiterating during the book that felt unnecessary to me. I truly enjoyed myself with this book and I let the imagery transport me to the magical forest and I longed to dance barefoot with the fairies.

I know that some of you might find this book too flowery or too sweet but to those of you that love a good fantasy book with all kinds of fairies and magic and enchantments this is the book for you. I'd especially recommend it to those that have read C. Wilson's The Winter King and have been looking for something close to it. After he marries Taryn and Aneira calls him he goes to her.

You're left thinking he had sex with her but it's later revealed that he managed to resist her for the first time.

View all 48 comments. Aug 24, Celestine rated it it was amazing Shelves: lendable , fantasy , tortured-hero-heroine. Sometimes you are just in the mood for flowery, passionate prose that celebrates the beauty in anticipation and consummation of everlasting romantic love. The Enchanted by Genevra Thorne delivers this, and then some. This book, and its sequel, excel in building a deep and abiding love, testing that love, finding ecstasy in that love, and then letting it flourish forever.

All those words feel so over the top, but they really are so appropriate to this book. Prince Gabriel is cursed to hollowly bo Sometimes you are just in the mood for flowery, passionate prose that celebrates the beauty in anticipation and consummation of everlasting romantic love. Prince Gabriel is cursed to hollowly bow to the decadent demands of a wicked fairy. He despairs, along with his family, of ever breaking the curse. He marries the unsuspecting and timid Taryn in what at first seems a political arrangement, but in realization is much, much more.

Even the odd impression of their love feeling a little prescribed at the beginning gets a deeper and richer explanation. Taryn undergoes a metamorphosis, so give both her, and the unfeeling Gabriel, a little bit of breathing room before deciding she is too much of a mouse and he is too much of a lout.

Their journey is worth reading. At times the story lagged a little, and for a fairy tale based upon a warrior prince, I expected a little more rousing adventure. However, the fantasy world was complex and richly detailed, plus the secondary characters are plentiful and interesting. Finally, the love scenes have a pulse and rhythm to them that overwhelm your senses. They are that well written. Jun 07, Mei rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy , netgalley. I must say that the title says it all: this is a pure fairy tale!

There's the enchanted prince, the beautiful, sweet, abused heroine, the bad, evel witch, her even more bad mother, the enchanted kingdom, fairies, pixies, there's And more!!! It was like reading a fairy tale and being again 12 years old! It is naive, it is full of misunderstandings and enchatments, it is alsmot too sweet! But i enoyed returning to my youth! View all 9 comments. Tales of enchanted lands, faeries and love, do we ever get tired of them? There is something magical in their stores, even when those childhood tales get a grown up spin.

Gabriel is the heir to the throne of his kingdom, but for four years he has been under the enchantment of a wicked seductress he refused to be taken in by. She is all he thinks of, life has little meaning and he is a broken man. In the human realm, a young woman dreams nightly of a fantasy lover who cries out to her in the night, who begs her to save him. Taryn knows faeries are magical myths, but when her dreams become reality and Gabriel stands before her, she will have to be brave enough and strong enough for the both of them, and use the power of the only magic she knows, love.

The Enchanted by Genevra Thorne is definitely and enchanted tale of love and the power it holds over any heart. Follow on this magical journey as once again, love conquers all when two beings from different worlds find the meaning of all-encompassing love. There are dark twists, moments that feel ominous and moments that will break your heart, but through it all, one always feels they have entered another realm as the magical swirls around and the characters come to life, well, like magic! I received this copy from the author in exchange for my honest review. View 1 comment. I looooovvvveeee stories about the fae, but this one was infinitely more different and spectacular!

We are taken back in time to Wales where we meet two people who seem to be lost in their lives. Taryn is held back living with her father that seems to more than dislike her, and there are soooo many rules! We then meet Gabriel, who is enchanted to respond to someone who he does not like, but when Taryn and Gabriel meet things finally begin to look up for the pair! Finally there is happiness in these two deserving souls, but as the twists begin to come, will their happiness last? I have officially fallen for these characters and this wondrous world!! I had a hard time putting this one down!

Taryn begins as such a timid woman, but as it progresses she becomes so strong! I love how she brought out the best in Gabriel. But with every great story we also have the wicked witches So happy karma caught up with them! Not just the main characters were well developed, but a number of the secondary characters were written beautifully!

This was a story that will be sticking with me long past the last words written. This was a great read, and I highly recommend this to all who love the fae! Jun 19, Sha Mslvoe rated it really liked it Shelves: freebie , historical-romance , hot-warrior , medieval , on-nook , fae. I was hooked from that beginning. You will never go wronged with Paula Quinn's writings.

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Sep 18, Mirabella rated it it was amazing Shelves: absolute-alltime-favorites , dark-or-light-fae-fairies-elves , barbarians-warriors-knights. A fantastic book full of magic: a wonderful hero, a likable heroine, lovely side characters, beautiful world building and great story. A real fairy faerie tale for adults, with beautifully written steamy scenes. It was great to see the main characters change throughout the story - the heroine from being timid and naive to being brave and strong and for the hero to slowly breaking the enchantment and finding love and his feelings again.

Genevra Thorne has created a delightful historical world full of faeries, magic, beauty, and mischief. This is the start of a great new series. I am looking forward to reading more from this author! Taryn is a young woman living in Wales in Every night she dreams of a handsome man who begs her to save him. She made the mistake of confessing this to her father's household chaplain, Father Aimsley.

Father Aimsley convinced Taryn that these dreams are evil and sinful and sentenced her punishment for penance. This is nothing new for Taryn. Her father and Father Aimsley are cruel, often sending her to the pit for her "sins. Gabriel is half Tylwyth Teg, a race of Welsh faeries. His father is king of the Tylwyth Teg and has made Gabriel his heir. Gabriel wants nothing to do with the faery realm. Unfortunately, he has been enchanted by a Daoine Sidhe named Aneira. This enchantment causes Gabriel to desire only Aneira, even though they are enemies and Aneira seeks to destroy Gabriel and his family.

He is unable to see any beauty in his surroundings because of this enchantment. Gabriel's family thinks that Taryn may be able to free Gabriel from Aneira. Gabriel, cynical as ever, thinks his plight is hopeless. Can Taryn break Aneira's enchantment of Gabriel? Can they learn to live together?

Will they fall in love? Can they both survive the wrath of the vengeful Daoine Sidhe? Taryn and Gabriel resist each other at first, as happens in most romance novels. Taryn has been brought up to believe that her desires are sinful and that she should be ashamed of herself for feeling desire at all. Couple that with the knowledge that her new husband has a lover and I can understand why she avoided him at the beginning.

Elusen is my favorite. I really hope to read more about him as the series continues. The Gwragedd Annwn are also pretty awesome. The nicknames they had for everyone e. Thewife, Themother, Witchcow had me laughing to myself. I hope for more of the Gwragedd Annwn in future books in the series, even though I have no idea how to pronounce "Gwragedd Annwn.

I have high hopes for the rest of the series! I really loved the book. The story of Gabriel and Taryn is really sad but also very beautiful. It has very funny moments and I looove it, I recommend it. I am officially in a "Book Hangover" right now. This is one of those reads that just doesn't want you to put it down, begging for just one more page. It has an added bonus of being the first in a series, and I love books in a series.

Taryn Hamilton, abused and oppressed by her father, is being married off to a terrifying man in ex I am officially in a "Book Hangover" right now. Taryn Hamilton, abused and oppressed by her father, is being married off to a terrifying man in exchange for the protection of her father's holdings from English invaders.

Taryn truly shouldn't worry too much, it couldn't be worse than being thrown in her father's pit for the myriad of offenses she committed on a seemingly daily basis.

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But she didn't want to marry this stranger coming for her, she wanted the man she dreamed of nightly He saw no beauty in life unless Aneira of the Daoine Sidhe desired it. When she called, he went, what she wanted, he gave. His life was worthless. But there was one chance, a song, a woman Gabriel journeyed to Hamilhawk, home of his last chance. When Taryn saw Gabriel, she saw the man in her dreams. When Gabriel saw Taryn he saw a woman much in need of rescuing from a tyrannical man. It would do for now. I'm not going to say more about the plot of the book, I don't want to ruin it for you.

I will say that I loved watching the dormouse change into a strong and capable woman. I loved Gabriel and Taryn together, I loved their journey and I adored their ending. The side character I absolutely adored him and I look forward to seeing him in future books, hopefully with his own love interest??!! And I have to say, I have been eating a lot of peach yogurt Thank you so much Genevra Thorne. I look forward to the next installment in this series, you are on my auto-buy list!! Until Next Time!

Sep 18, Varied Books rated it really liked it Shelves: ku. View 2 comments. I'm so glad I got to read this. I don't read many paranormal stories but because this was part historical romance it definitely added to my interest. But I have to say, it didn't read paranormal to me at all. Fae is absolutely different and I'm highly enjoying Fae romances and will definitely be reading more of them. Genevra knows how to write a good enchanting romance and it kept me turning the pages. About this Item: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Dust Jacket Condition: F.

Illustrated by Michael Hague illustrator. A fine copy in a fine dustjacket, now in protective mylar. With full page illustrations. Published by Simon and Schuster, New York Illustrations by William J. Ownership signature on the title page, tear on on some pages, else a very good copy. Published by Dedalus About this Item: Dedalus, Soft cover. Condition: As New. A first UK edition B format x mm paperback. Translated by W Glyn Jones. He came from the lowest strata of society in the then little provincial town of Odense, went to Copenhagen at the age of 14, made his own way there and rose to the highest levels of European society as the friend of kings and princes.

In his autobiography he gives a vivid account of the Danish provincial life he knew as a child, of life in Danish aristocratic circles and in European high society. He met all the leading authors and composers of his time and was one of the most widely travelled writers of his day.

His travels took him as far east as Constantinople, and as far north as Loch Lomond, and his account of all this includes sketches of many of the leading figures of 19th-century Europe. Published by London, Methuen About this Item: London, Methuen, Dust Jacket Condition: Very Good-. First Edition Thus.

Published by L. Fischer About this Item: L. Fischer, Condition: Fair. First edition hardcover has chipping along spine paper, bumped corners, slight cloudiness on cover illustration, internally tight and bright with former owner's name addy sticker on pictorial fep. Full page color illustrations, in-text color and black and white illustrations, unpaginated. Durand, Paul illustrator. Gift note inked on front pastedown, otherwise clean. Illustrated cloth binding. Illustrated endpapers.

Size: 4to - over 9" - 12" Tall. Gift note inked on front flyleaf, otherwise clean. Published by Doubleday About this Item: Doubleday, Tight and unmarked. Full cloth binding hardcover in a slipcase that is lightly shelf rubbed. Heavy book: NO international orders. Condition: Near Fine see description. Dust Jacket Condition: Near Fine see description. Published by Harrap, London About this Item: Harrap, London, Very nice illustrations by Orr. Frontis and six other coloured plates, one of the eight is missing, two are loose.

Binding loose, hinges starting, Foxing, general wear. Published by Henry Z. Walck From: Harvey C. Loveless Woodbridge, VA, U. About this Item: Henry Z. Walck, Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales translated by L. Kingsland, illustrated by Ernest H. Hardback page gold color ex-library book has some of the expected markings, etc.

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Dust jacket has one sticker on spine-overall very good and in a new Brodart protector-looks nice. Published by Little leather Library. Barmby Kent, United Kingdom. About this Item: Little leather Library. Green leatherette on bronze. Usual discolouring to ep's. Post and packing will be less than quoted by abe. From: P. Hague, Michael illustrator. Large format. Illustrated by Michael Hague.

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The binding is tight. Page edges slightly tanned. No other faults. All books described honestly and accurately. Paypal accepted. From: E. Axel Mathiesen illustrator. Hard cover with a portrait of HCA in black, corners bumped, publisher's price sticker on upper board, binding strong, but webbing showing in few places; dust jacket with light soil, pen mark and small stain to front panel. Illustrated with 8 color plates by Danish cartoonist and children's illustrator Axel Mathiesen.

Size: 12mo. Published by Methuen About this Item: Methuen, Dust Jacket Condition: dw. With dustwrapper. Condition: Fine. Dust Jacket Condition: fine. Quarto, pp. A fine, crisp copy in like dust jacket. Published by Tiger Books International, London Heath Robinson illustrator. Many illustrations, including color plates.

Ships same or next business day. Little Golden Book The " A " is present on last page. Cover price of 25 cents. No UPC code. Boards lightly rubbed, edges of pages browning. Flaking to foil spine. NO names, highlighting, underlining or the like. Published by Gallery Books , NY Condition: Fine -. First printing of this edition bound in gray cloth with gold spine let tering. Illustrrated with 31 color plates by Margaret Tarrant.

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A few tiny dust spots to the edge of the page blocks else fi ne in Nearly Fine dj that has a small rub mark to the head of the spin e. Published by Wordsworth Editions, UK First printing of this two volume set. Each copy is quarter bound in b lue bonded leather with color pictorial boards.

Bound in blue ribbon m arkers. Books are in fine condition. They are housed in the original cardboard slipcase that ha s two color pastedown plates and gilt decorations. Shipping weight is approximately six pounds. Additional charges will apply to internatio nal orders. First printing of this edition bound in green cloth with gold spine le ttering.

Front hinge starting to pull at the top but not cracked or lose. Paper lightly toned else content i s fine. In a Nearly Fine dj.

A Faerie Tale (Legends of Trudor Book 1) A Faerie Tale (Legends of Trudor Book 1)
A Faerie Tale (Legends of Trudor Book 1) A Faerie Tale (Legends of Trudor Book 1)
A Faerie Tale (Legends of Trudor Book 1) A Faerie Tale (Legends of Trudor Book 1)
A Faerie Tale (Legends of Trudor Book 1) A Faerie Tale (Legends of Trudor Book 1)
A Faerie Tale (Legends of Trudor Book 1) A Faerie Tale (Legends of Trudor Book 1)

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