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Encourage Self-Development.

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Inspiring leaders want their people to develop. Acknowledge Them. Everyone has 3 fundamental needs, according to science : to feel safe, to feel like we belong, and to feel like we matter. Invest Time in Good Communication.

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Inspiring leaders understand the impact of great communication, and the harm of poor communication. They know communication can be a catalyst to growth, and use it as a strategic tool to achieve their goals. Again, employees want to know they matter. It's not enough to share your vision. Followers want to contribute their ideas and perspectives as well.

Act with Integrity; Inspire Trust.

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Employees take their cues from their leaders. They are always watching. To believe in their leaders, they must believe them. Inspiring leaders know every action matters. Like this column? Sign up to subscribe to email alerts and you'll never miss a post.

The opinions expressed here by Inc. My Cart. Add a title to your image Tell your brand's story through images Add a button. Fresh Finds. Quick View. Finding Beauty in the Chaos. Get The Look: Poolside Edit. Posted on May 28, This change of season calls for fresh faces and sun-drenched shades!

Hello there friends! I'm doing a post today that is different than my normal posts in that this post isn't pretty. What I mean is that I don't have a finished photo of the project because we aren't finished with the project! Let me explain how we got here This is how our house looked when … [Read more Since all of my baking stopped on Christmas day, I am happy to have an excuse to make and bake some sweet treats! Maybe one of these Valentine's Day Recipes will inspire you as much as they all inspired me! I love these tiny flourless chocolate cakes that I've been making for years.

This recipe is … [Read more Silhouettes of tree limbs twisted against gray skies. Snuggling by the the fire at night under cozy blankets.

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Just one more mug of hot coffee before we get on with our day. It's winter. And while winter most certainly has her charm, I do so miss warmer days when playing in the dirt and caring for … [Read more If there's one thing that screams Valentine's Day it's a cute heart! I made a few of these and there are a few I'm planning on making in the next week or so!

To start, these adorable yarn hearts, I absolutely love the heart arrow! Fynes … [Read more I put together a live wreath made with succulents a few years ago and I'm getting ready to do it again!

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It's perfect way to add a bit of warmth in the winter months And what better plant than succulents. They're low maintenance mainly because they store water … [Read more By Robin 4 Comments.

All Hearts Inspired All Hearts Inspired
All Hearts Inspired All Hearts Inspired
All Hearts Inspired All Hearts Inspired
All Hearts Inspired All Hearts Inspired
All Hearts Inspired All Hearts Inspired
All Hearts Inspired All Hearts Inspired
All Hearts Inspired All Hearts Inspired
All Hearts Inspired All Hearts Inspired
All Hearts Inspired All Hearts Inspired

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