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Allison and Matt dance together on the dance floor while Jackson, who was finally sedated by Isaac, was brought into a backroom so he, Erica, and Stiles could question him.

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Matt was then able to keep talking to them through Jackson by stating that all of the people Jackson killed were murderers because they had killed him, though the three had no idea what to make of this information due to the fact that they still had no idea who the Kanima Master was.

While Matt and Allison were talking in the bleachers, Allison cryptically asked him if he ever felt like he had the best intentions but was still screwing everything up, feeling guilty for her forced confession about Jackson to her father messing up Scott's plans. Matt jokingly replied that he had never felt that way because he was perfect before leaning over and kissing her. Allison was visibly taken aback by the kiss, leading Matt to apologize for being so forward, and Allison admitted that though it wasn't okay that he did it, she wasn't mad, before rushing away to get some air.

Matt then presumably forced Jackson to transform, allowing him to overcome the effects of the ketamine and causing Stiles, Erica, and Isaac to flee to avoid being harmed by him. He then sent Jackson to kill the organizer of the rave, Kara Simmons, by slicing her throat open with his claws. Though Stiles' Mountain Ash barrier proved effective at trapping all of the supernatural creatures in attendance inside, he was forced to break the barrier before they could learn the identity of the Kanima Master so Derek could rescue Scott, who had been poisoned with Wolfsbane by Victoria Argent.

In Party Guessed , Allison dropped Matt off at his house after their disastrous date at the warehouse rave, and Matt apologized once again for kissing her without her permission before asking her if she was still in a relationship with Scott.

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Allison replied that they weren't really together anymore before amending her answer to "it's complicated. Allison, unable to resist her curiosity, pulled out the camera and looked through the photos through the screen. As she glanced through them, she became more and more horrified and uncomfortable when she saw most of Matt's pictures were taken of her while she wasn't paying attention, including pictures of her at school, at the lacrosse games, and even inside her bedroom, which he captured with a telephoto lens.

She managed to put the camera back in the bag just before Matt came back to retrieve them, but he seemed to know that she had looked through them since she hadn't driven away yet. He asked her if she wanted to come in to see some of the candids that he took of her that he has stored on his laptop, and when she declined, he became more insistent, which did nothing to make Allison less anxious around him. She finally made it clear that she needed to go home and drove away before he could say another word. Meanwhile, Sheriff Stilinski and Stiles continued to work together to figure out who the murderer who, unbeknownst to Sheriff, was the Jackson and the still-unknown Kanima Master, Matt was and what kind of murder would connect all of the victims, since they were all twenty-four years old except for Mr.

Lahey , who was much older. Sheriff informed Stiles that they brought Adrian Harris for questioning after they discovered that his car was present at three of the crime scenes; the trailer where Sean Long was killed by the Kanima in Restraint , the hospital where Jessica Bartlett was killed by Matt also in Restraint , and the warehouse rave where Kara Simmons was killed in Raving. Stiles then noticed a photograph of the Beacon Hills High School swim team and realized that not only were all of the murder victims on the team, but Mr.

Lahey was also their coach. That night, Lydia Martin threw a birthday party at her house , which happened to fall on the full moon specifically, the Worm Moon, or the full moon in March in which all the juniors were invited; those who attended included Scott , Stiles, Allison, Jackson , and Matt, among many others. Stiles informed Scott that he discovered that the Kanima Master apparently hated the swim team, though they still had no idea what the master's motive was for killing them. Stiles then stated that Scott needed to make up with Allison, because with everything bad that has happened to them lately, he would stab himself in the face if he had to watch Scott lose his beloved girlfriend to a "stalker like Matt.

Upon Jackson and Matt's arrival, Lydia plied them both with glasses of orange punch, which she was insisting everyone in attendance drink. Jackson drank his quickly, but Matt seemed to sense something was off with the punch and dumped it in the trash; this would ultimately be a good move, because unbeknownst to anyone, Lydia who was being manipulated by the spirit of the dead Peter Hale had spiked the punch with wolfsbane flowers.

Matt then followed Allison inside the house and asked if he could talk to her, and though it was clear that she had no interest in doing so, she agreed and walked into a side room. She gave him a look when he went to close the door, leading the now-uncomfortable Matt to leave the door open before he launched into his attempt at justifying the pictures he took of her.

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When Allison pointed out that she had no idea how he even got some of the photos, like the ones in her bedroom, he admitted to using a telephoto lens and claimed that photographers called the photos "candids," leading Allison to snark back that police officers call it "stalking. However, when he grabbed her by the arm to try to stop her from leaving, Allison's Hunter -training kicked in, and she grabbed him by the shoulder before shoving him flat on his back on the ground.

Matt was appalled by this reaction and demanded to know what was wrong with her, but Allison left the room without further comment. Later that evening, the party attendees became so intoxicated by the wolfsbane-alcohol punch and started to get very rowdy; many were making out with each other in various nooks in the backyard, while others started jumping into the swimming pool.

This quickly led to people throwing each other into the pool, and Scott and Stiles , who were just starting to get over the effects of the punch, heard a man begging not to be thrown into the pool because he couldn't swim, which got their attention, given their hypothesis that the Kanima Master was afraid of water due to Jackson's aversion to it when he was in Kanima form.

The boys then watched in shock as the man, who was revealed to be Matt, was thrown into the pool despite his desperate pleas. He struggled to stay afloat in the water until Jackson dove into the pool to save him. Matt's face was furious when he was pulled out of the water, but the arrival of the police caused all the party guests to scatter.

Scott and Stiles were making their way through the chaos in an attempt to find Lydia in front of the house when they found a scowling Matt staring at them, with Jackson, in full Kanima-form, standing protectively beside him. Jackson hissed at them before both disappeared in the blink of an eye, leading Scott and Stiles to finally realize that Matt was the Kanima Master all along. In Fury , Matt first appeared in flashbacks to the events of Shape Shifted , when he stopped by the Whittemore House that night to drop his camera off to Jackson , who, unbeknownst to Matt, was planning to record his first full moon transformation after having been bitten by Derek Hale in Code Breaker.

However, instead of leaving, Matt simply got into his car and used an app on his smartphone to connect to the camera so he could watch the live feed of whatever Jackson chose to record. At first, it appeared that Jackson was simply filming himself sleeping, and Matt scoffed at the fact that Jackson had borrowed his camera for something so simple, but Jackson soon began to transform into a Kanima , and Matt began to freak out at the sight of it.

Scared to the point of tears, Matt was startled when Jackson, in full Kanima form, scampered outside and creeped outside of Matt's car, but when Jackson reached out to lay his taloned hand on the window separating them, Matt hesitantly reached out and placed his hand on the other side of the glass so that they matched.

Lahey the night before, indicating that Jackson and Matt had somehow formed their supernatural bond prior to that evening without either of them realizing it. Meanwhile, Scott and Stiles began presenting their evidence to Sheriff Stilinski that Matt was the one who was truly behind the murders and not Adrian Harris as they previously believed. Though Stilinski, who was still suspended from his job at the Sheriff's Department , was skeptical of their claims, when both Scott and Stiles insisted that Matt had been borrowing Harris' car to take the suspicion off of himself, he decided to take the boys to the station to review the evidence they had already collected.

After convincing the deputy at the front desk to look the other way while they worked, the three determined that there was evidence of Matt being at all of the sites of the various murders, and even found surveillance footage that showed Matt at the hospital the night of Jessica Bartlett 's death, leading them to call Melissa McCall to summon her to the station to give a statement that she had seen him that night. However, when Stiles went to the front desk to tell the deputy to expect Melissa's arrival, he found her laying dead on the floor behind the desk, having been mauled to death.

Just as he looked around for the culprit, he found Matt standing in front of him with a handgun pointed at Stiles' head. Matt went on to lead Stiles back to Scott and the Sheriff at gunpoint, and though the Sheriff tried to talk him down, Matt rejected his attempts to sway him and instead handcuffed Stilinski to one of the cells before leading Scott and Stiles back to the office. When they see several more mauled deputies on the floor, Stiles asked him if he really planned on killing everyone, to which Matt replied that he didn't have to kill anyone-- all he had to do was think about killing someone, and Jackson, who then revealed himself in his partial-Kanima form, would do it for him.

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Matt aimed his gun at the two boys as they put all of the evidence connecting him to the murders in the paper shredder. When they heard a car pull into the parking lot, Matt led them out front at gunpoint so that Scott could tell Melissa to leave. However, when they opened the door, they found Derek on the other side, which briefly relieved Scott and Stiles until they found that Jackson had already paralyzed him to prevent him from helping them fight Matt. Matt began taunting Derek about how powerless he must feel now as a result of the Kanima venom before revealing to the others that he had learned a lot about the supernatural lately, including the existence of werewolves and Kanimas.

When he sarcastically asked Stiles what he was, Stiles joked that he was the "Abominable Snowman," which led Matt to order Jackson to paralyze him as well, showing his amusement at the fact that Stiles landed right on top of the paralyzed Derek. When Melissa pulled into the parking lot, Matt told Scott to send her away, driving his point home by flipping Stiles on his back and putting his foot on Stiles' neck to choke him, not releasing him until Stiles' face turned purple and Scott promised that he would do as he said.

Unfortunately, when Scott insisted that Melissa leave, Matt didn't even give her the opportunity, instead simply shooting Scott in the side with his gun in front of her.

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Melissa began to freak out and begged Matt to let her check on his wounds despite Scott's protests that he was okay, and Matt seemed to find it hilarious that Melissa had no idea that Scott was a werewolf who would be able to heal the gunshot in moments. He then forced Melissa into the jail cell next to where Sheriff was handcuffed before returning back to a frustrated Scott, who didn't understand what Matt's motives were and believed he was simply just trying to cover up his involvement in the murders.

Matt, exasperated by Scott's confusion, pointed out that he didn't care about the evidence-- what he really wanted was the Bestiary in its entirety, and not just the small section he stole from Allison's tablet. When Scott pointed out that it belonged to the Argents and asked him why he wanted it, Matt lifted up his shirt, revealing that the skin on his torso was starting to develop Kanima-like scales.

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After Matt forced Scott into another room to contact Allison about the Bestiary, Derek and Stiles quietly discussed this newest revelation, during which time Derek speculated that Matt had been cursed to be a Kanima because he broke the rules of the creature by using it to kill people who weren't murderers and by killing people himself. In the other room, Matt explained to Scott his motives for killing all of his victims, insisting that they were murderers because they nearly let him drown when he was a child.

He detailed a pool party Mr.

Matt’s Obsession With Vacuuming & His Journey For A Dyson

Lahey was having for the swim team including Bennett, Kara Simmons, Jessica Bartlett, Tucker Cornish, and the other Kanima victims after the championships in while he was at the Lahey House hanging out with Isaac ; after trading comic books, Matt and Isaac made their way to the pool, where Mr. Lahey had allowed them to get drunk despite being underage. This unexpected love serves as an outlet that fills her need to always be working on a project and her love of a challenge.

From there, a passion for writing and editing lit the path to becoming a newspaper writer and yearbook editor in high school. That yearbook editor kid lives on today as she catches herself mentally editing anything she reads. Taking this expertise from literal paper to the world of website content and development has been an exciting challenge for Alysse and she enjoys all the growth and development that the cyber-world has to offer. Scott is the latest addition to the Matek team.

Sean returns to the microphone with a new title, despite an unnamed "rich douche" nearly sabotaging his campaign. Click here to refresh the feed. Sean is hard hitting the campaign trail, so this one is just me. I tell the story of wins and mistakes in my pursuit to create Obsessed Garage as a destination. Check out the website: www. What does it mean to be common? Does the "common man" even exist?

Matts Obsession Matts Obsession
Matts Obsession Matts Obsession
Matts Obsession Matts Obsession
Matts Obsession Matts Obsession
Matts Obsession Matts Obsession
Matts Obsession Matts Obsession
Matts Obsession Matts Obsession

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