Der Vampyr: Die Opern der Welt (German Edition)

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Hutter is welcomed at a castle by Count Orlok. When Hutter is eating dinner and accidentally cuts his thumb, Orlok tries to suck the blood out, but his repulsed guest pulls his hand away. Hutter wakes up to a deserted castle the morning after and notices fresh punctures on his neck which, in a letter he sends by courier on horseback to be delivered to his devoted wife, he attributes to mosquitoes. That night, Orlok signs the documents to purchase the house across from Hutter's own home in Wisborg and notices a photo of Hutter's wife, remarking that she has a "lovely neck.

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Reading a book about vampires that he took from the local inn, Hutter starts to suspect that Orlok is Nosferatu, the "Bird of Death. The door opens by itself and Orlok enters, his true nature finally revealed, and Hutter hides under the bed covers and falls unconscious. At the same time this is happening, his wife awakens from her sleep, and in a trance walks towards the balcony and onto the railing.

Alarmed, Harding shouts Ellen's name and she faints while he asks for a doctor. After the doctor arrives, she shouts Hutter's name, remaining in the trance and apparently able to see Orlok in his castle threatening her unconscious husband.

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The doctor believes this trance-like state is due to "blood congestion". The next day, Hutter explores the castle. In its crypt , he finds the coffin in which Orlok is resting dormant. Hutter becomes horrified and dashes back to his room. Hours later from the window, he sees Orlok piling up coffins on a coach and climbing into the last one before the coach departs.

Hutter escapes the castle through the window, but is knocked unconscious by the fall and awakens in a hospital. When he is sufficiently recovered, he hurries home. Meanwhile, the coffins are shipped down river on a raft. They are transferred to a schooner , but not before one is opened by the crew, revealing a multitude of rats. The sailors on the ship get sick one by one; soon all but the captain and first mate are dead. Suspecting the truth, the first mate goes below to destroy the coffins. However, Orlok awakens and the horrified sailor jumps into the sea. Unaware of his danger, the captain becomes Orlok's latest victim when he ties himself to the wheel.

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When the ship arrives in Wisborg, Orlok leaves unobserved, carrying one of his coffins, and moves into the house he purchased. The next morning, when the ship is inspected, the captain is found dead. After examining the logbook, the doctors assume they are dealing with the plague. The town is stricken with panic, and people are warned to stay inside. There are many deaths in the town, which are blamed on the plague. Knock, who had been committed to a psychiatric ward in care of Professor Sievers, escapes after murdering the warden.

The townspeople give chase, but he eludes them by climbing a roof, then using a scarecrow. Meanwhile, Orlok stares from his window at the sleeping Ellen. Against her husband's wishes, Ellen had read the book he found. The book claims that the way to defeat a vampire is for a woman who is pure in heart to distract the vampire with her beauty all through the night.

She opens her window to invite him in, but faints. When Hutter revives her, she sends him to fetch Professor Bulwer, a physician. After he leaves, Orlok comes in. He becomes so engrossed drinking her blood that he forgets about the coming day. Knock, who has been recaptured, senses what is happening to Orlok who is evidently his master , but is restrained from breaking out of his cell to warn him. When a rooster crows, Orlok vanishes in a puff of smoke as he tries to flee, which Knock senses as he quietly dies.

Ellen lives just long enough to be embraced by her grief-stricken husband. The last scene shows Count Orlok's ruined castle in the Carpathian Mountains, symbolizing the end of his reign of terror. The studio behind Nosferatu , Prana Film, was a short-lived silent -era German film studio founded in by Enrico Dieckmann and occultist-artist Albin Grau , named for the Hindu concept of prana. Although the studio's intent was to produce occult - and supernatural -themed films, Nosferatu was its only production, [4] as it declared bankruptcy in order to dodge copyright infringement suits from Bram Stoker 's widow Florence Balcombe.

Grau had had the idea to shoot a vampire film, the inspiration of which had risen from a war experience: in the winter of , a Serbian farmer told him that his father was a vampire and one of the undead. Diekmann and Grau gave Henrik Galeen , a disciple of Hanns Heinz Ewers , the task to write a screenplay inspired by Bram Stoker's novel Dracula , despite Prana Film not having obtained the film rights. Galeen set the story in the fictional north German harbour town of Wisborg. He changed the characters' names and added the idea of the vampire bringing the plague to Wisborg via rats on the ship, and left out the Van Helsing vampire hunter character.

Galeen's Expressionist style [6] screenplay was poetically rhythmic, without being so dismembered as other books influenced by literary Expressionism , such as those by Carl Mayer. Lotte Eisner described Galeen's screenplay as " voll Poesie, voll Rhythmus " "full of poetry, full of rhythm". Filming began in July , with exterior shots in Wismar.

A take from Marienkirche's tower over Wismar marketplace with the Wasserkunst Wismar served as the establishing shot for the Wisborg scene. Other locations were the Wassertor, the Heiligen-Geist-Kirche yard and the harbour. Further exterior shots followed in Lauenburg , Rostock and on Sylt. For cost reasons, cameraman Fritz Arno Wagner only had one camera available, and therefore there was only one original negative. This concerned the last scene of the film, in which Ellen sacrifices herself and the vampire dies in the first rays of the Sun.

The original score was composed by Hans Erdmann to be performed by an orchestra during the projection. It is also said that the original music was recorded during a screening of the film. For example, James Bernard , composer of the soundtracks of many Hammer horror films in the late s and s, has written a score for a reissue. The story of Nosferatu is similar to that of Dracula and retains the core characters: Jonathan and Mina Harker, the Count, and so on.

It omits many of the secondary players, however, such as Arthur and Quincey , and changes the names of those who remain. Some recent re-releases of the film alter the sub-titles to use the Dracula versions of the names. In contrast to Dracula, Orlok does not create other vampires, but kills his victims, causing the townsfolk to blame the plague which ravages the city. Orlok also must sleep by day, as sunlight would kill him, while the original Dracula is only weakened by sunlight.

The ending is also substantially different from that of Dracula; the count is ultimately destroyed at sunrise when the Mina analogue sacrifices herself to him. This was planned as a large society evening entitled Das Fest des Nosferatu Festival of Nosferatu , and guests were asked to arrive dressed in Biedermeier costume.

The cinema premiere itself took place on 15 March at Berlin's Primus-Palast. June in Breslau, died in was a German production manager and composer of film music.

But however, with sound effects only. It had an alternate ending that was much happier than the original, the characters were all renamed again, this time Count Orlok's name was changed to Prince Wolkoff, Knock became Karsten, Hutter and Ellen became Kundberg and Margitta, and Lucy being changed to Maria. This version, of which Murnau was unaware, contained many scenes that were filmed by Murnau but had not been previously released. The name of the silent film director F. Murnau is no longer mentioned in the preamble. This version edited to approx. In the recent restoration of the film, the Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Stiftung, claim that they have several copies of this version.

The film was originally banned completely in Sweden, however the ban was lifted after 20 years and has since been shown on television. Nosferatu brought Murnau into the public eye, especially when his film Der brennende Acker The Burning Soil was released a few days later.

The press reported extensively on Nosferatu and its premiere. With the laudatory votes, there was also occasional criticism that the technical perfection and clarity of the images did not fit the horror theme. The Filmkurier of 6 March said that the vampire appeared too corporeal and brightly lit to appear genuinely scary. Hans Wollenberg described the film in photo-Stage No.

This was the only Prana Film; the company declared bankruptcy after Stoker's estate, acting for his widow, Florence Stoker , sued for copyright infringement and won. The court ordered all existing prints of Nosferatu burned, but one purported print of the film had already been distributed around the world. This print was duplicated over the years, kept alive by a cult following , making it an example of an early cult film.

The film has received overwhelmingly positive reviews.

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The website's critical consensus reads, "One of the silent era's most influential masterpieces, Nosferatu 's eerie, gothic feel—and a chilling performance from Max Schreck as the vampire—set the template for the horror films that followed.

Der Vampyr: Die  Opern der Welt (German Edition) Der Vampyr: Die Opern der Welt (German Edition)
Der Vampyr: Die  Opern der Welt (German Edition) Der Vampyr: Die Opern der Welt (German Edition)
Der Vampyr: Die  Opern der Welt (German Edition) Der Vampyr: Die Opern der Welt (German Edition)
Der Vampyr: Die  Opern der Welt (German Edition) Der Vampyr: Die Opern der Welt (German Edition)
Der Vampyr: Die  Opern der Welt (German Edition) Der Vampyr: Die Opern der Welt (German Edition)

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