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There was no way we were going to let our kids sit on the floors and we all made sure to wear something on our feet while we were in the unit. Catechism of the Council of Trent, 16th century :. If this sacrament Extreme Unction is not wilfully hindered it takes away every evil which could prevent or postpone the entrance into glory.

Peter Arcudios or Arcudio a Greek [Catholic] theologian , 17th century :. Father Kern, a Jesuit theologian, writing in the year , sums up the whole question in these words: —. Since our most loving Lord instituted this sacrament in order that the faithful might be preserved not only from Hell but also from Purgatory it would not be kind to think that it only obtains its effects in rare cases. Such an opinion would attribute to Our Lord a line of action quite unsuited to His loving Heart. Who can believe that He gave us a medicine as the price of His precious blood in order to bestow perfect health to the soul of a dying person so that he may enter at once into Heaven and yet at the same time imparted so little power to this medicine that only a few chosen souls will go straight to Heaven and the rest cannot hope to be preserved from Purgatory even though they do their best to receive the sacrament worthily?

There is no doubt that Our Lord has the power of cancelling all our sins and all punishment due to them if we will let Him do so. He was near to Christ crucified and so is every sinner who attends at Holy Mass.

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He was dying close to Christ and so is every dying sinner who receives the sacraments. Our Lord, then, can and will do this by means of the sacraments if the poor sinner will let Him do so. Peter Arcudios speaks of Extreme Unction as being a regeneration a new birth , the complete purification of the soul.

To obtain this mercy the sinner must, of course, repent of every sin that he has ever committed. This does not mean that he must remember all the sins that he has ever committed. God does not ask impossibilities. Nor does it mean that he must feel intense fervour such as the saints have felt. Again, God does not ask impossibilities of a poor sinner, but He does ask for confidence and humility. If a dying man receives the holy oils with contrition for all his sins there is no doubt that all his sins are wiped out together with all punishment due to them, provided that he receives the sacrament of mercy with due preparation and humility.

Can he after a lifetime of sin really and sincerely possess a universal repentance for sin, distracted as he is by the fears, suffering and loneliness of death? Alone and unaided the sinner cannot do anything. Now God knows this very well and that is precisely why He has given us a special sacrament to meet the difficulty, the sacrament of Holy Oils Extreme Unction Last Anointing [the Sacrament of the Sick].

All that is required on the part of the sinner is a willingness to accept it as such. The poor sufferer on his death bed may be capable of very little spiritual effort. Does it not seem too wonderful that a thief should go straight to Heaven?

Does it not seem too wonderful that a lifetime of sin should be set straight by a few minutes of suffering and a gasping plea for mercy? A mother would do as much for her dying child if she could. Let us not, then, begrudge God the glory that comes from His Infinite Mercy. It will now be useful to reply to some of the common objections that may be urged against what has been said so far; but before considering these questions the reader is asked to turn back to the quotations in Section 2 , above.

Escape From Purgatory – Chasing Francis Series

Read again what has been said by saints and theologians of all ages concerning Extreme Unction in order to keep a clear picture in the mind of the genuine Catholic tradition. This will help considerably to estimate objections at their true value. In the 16th century the Protestant rebels against the Church began to teach that Masses and prayers for the dead are useless and that there is no Purgatory.

To meet this cruel heresy Catholic preachers and writers began to speak strongly about Purgatory and its necessity. In the confusion of controversy the merciful effects of the sacrament of Extreme Unction were neglected and even forgotten. In order to show the necessity of Purgatory some began to maintain that very few would escape its cleansing flames. Some went so far as to deny that Extreme Unction could remove the temporal punishment due to sin. This kind of teaching had never been heard before the rise of Protestantism.

About the same time there arose in the Church a school of writers and teachers called Jansenists, who showed great harshness towards sinners, and under the excuse of greater sanctity kept them away from the sacraments. They are suffering from the fogs of past heresies. For many long years the spirit of Jansenism kept good Catholics from frequent Communion and even from frequent Confession.

The Church, like a good mother, is pathetically eager to have Requiem Masses for her dead children. She encourages this pious duty in every possible way and for all her children. She seems determined to heap favours upon them to make sure that all will be well when she hands her children over the chasm of death into the safe-keeping of God. There are two very good reasons for these many Requiems. In the first place there is always a chance that in spite of the powerful graces of Extreme Unction and in spite of the graces that come from suffering, there may still be some malice of the will in the dying sinner, some venial sin, perhaps, of which he has not repented.

In that case the poor soul would need to be purified in Purgatory, which is the hospital of the soul, Hence there would be urgent need of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. In the second place let us suppose that the powerful grace of God and the loneliness and pain of dying has brought about a complete and sincere act of contrition; then the soul will go immediately to Heaven fortified by the sacraments.

Yet the Church still insists on the Requiem Masses. She knows that the Sacrifice of the Mass will plead with God for the multitudes who die without priest or sacraments or who are neglected by their own relatives. This is shown by the fact that the prayers said by the priest during Mass are worded almost entirely to include ALL the souls of the faithful departed. What a joy it must be for those who are safe in Heaven to know that the Mass is being offered for their brethren in Purgatory!

That is one aspect of the Communion of Saints. This perhaps explains the curious fact that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is more frequently offered on behalf of fervent Catholics and less frequently or not at all for those who need it most, the careless Catholics, the pagans, the heretics. This is a partial explanation of frequent Masses offered for a child of seven years of age who has died perhaps still unsullied by wilful sin.

Nevertheless this explanation is far from complete. There is another reason which concerns the spiritual good of the dead person; for after all he is the one chiefly concerned. Let us suppose that this child of seven years of age, still un-touched by wilful sin, has gone immediately to Heaven in its Baptismal innocence. Yes, indeed; for the dying saint as well as the dying sinner can be helped not only by Masses that have been offered but also by those that will be offered.

Even though a dying child of seven may still be free from sin he needs to be shielded from the attacks of Satan in his last moments. God in His goodness can help this dying child by means of the many Masses which are offered both before and after death. Does then our holy Mother the Church in her many requiems pray God to grant a happy death to those who are already dead?

Escape From Purgatory - Chasing Francis Series - Christ Church Nashville

The answer will be discovered by a careful reading of the words of the Requiem Masses in the missal. Thus there is need of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass even in the case of those who go straight to Heaven by the help of the sacraments; for the Mass is the treasure house of the sacraments.

The Church surrounds the dying sinner with countless Masses said before and after his death. Time is nothing with God. Can He not, if He wishes, help a poor dying child now because of some future offering of the Mass? This curious disregard of time is often seen in spiritual affairs. Here is another example of this disregard of time: A man who has fallen into serious sin may win back the friendship of God by an act of perfect contrition on condition that he resolves to go to confession. He is making use of the grace of God by virtue of a future sacrament, at least in his intention. Christ Himself dying on the Cross put aside the ordinary laws of time by atoning for the sins of the world, past, present and future.

There are therefore many good reasons which explain the motherly anxiety of the Church urging that many Masses should be offered for the dead even though they have been fortified with the sacraments.

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The answer to this difficulty is to be found in the writings of Pope Benedict XIV, who teaches us that we should reject any so-called vision or revelation which opposes the true Catholic tradition. He says that even saints can be mistaken in their revelations sometimes; he adds that a certain saint is said to have believed that she received a revelation telling her that our Blessed Lady was not free from original sin. This was in the middle ages, long before the definition of the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception, but it is an example of a saint being mistaken.

The real test of truth is not the private revelations of holy people but the teachings of the Church. Pious writers are sometimes too fond of quoting these so-called revelations. Father Faber, in his valuable book, All for Jesus, devotes five pages to the revelations of a certain Sister Frances of Pampeluna, which give the impression that very few souls can escape Purgatory.



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