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The oldest recipient of a message from the queen was a man from Canada who turned in December Drives through London, visits to Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, and a review of the fleet at Spithead followed the coronation. That June, she lit a a bonfire beacon that began a chain of celebratory beacons across the country. During Elizabeth's 80th-birthday celebrations, she held a "Children's Party at the Palace" and invited 2, kids.

Elizabeth owns and breeds thoroughbreds and often watches her horses race at other events, where they have won numerous times. She gives to almost 40 animal-related organizations as well as almost 90 medical and health-care charities, in addition to the hundreds of other organizations she is involved with. Norman Hartnell designed the queen's wedding and coronation gowns, as well as her dress for her first visit to the U. Mordecai sent a message back explaining the whole diabolical plot, of which she was unaware, and encouraging her to intercede with the king.

There was one slim possibility—if the king saw her and extended his golden scepter, she could enter. And who knows whether you have not attained royalty for such a time as this? Esther is really no safer than any other Jew. When it becomes known that she is Jewish, her life will be endangered too. Mordecai is convinced that God is going to care for His people Israel, however. They may be far from Him, but He cannot let them perish, for that would be contrary to His promises. If He does not use Esther to deliver them, He will use some other means. He is a sovereign God.

You see, Mordecai had grasped the fact that God allowed them to remain in Persia, and may now be ready to turn their decision to stay into glory for Himself and deliverance for the Jewish people. He can take not only the circumstances of our lives that are beyond our control, but He can take the wrong decisions we have made, and even the sins we have committed, and work them out for good. That obviously does not mean we should live our lives in total disregard for the will of God, and then expect Him to work out the mess we make.

There is an enormous load of unhappiness and sorrow on that road, as many Christians will testify. The consequences of willful sin can be unbearable. He can use everything that has happened to us in the past and every circumstance in our present experience to help carry out that plan.

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God has a purpose for you, right now, right where you are, no matter who you are, where you live, to whom you are married, what you have experienced in the past, or what you are facing in the future. God does not want us moaning over our plight and looking for a way out. He will be honored when we claim His grace to be what He wants us to be and do what He wants us to do in our present circumstances. We must take advantage of the opportunities He has made available to us in the here and now. He may later open wider spheres of opportunity if that suits His purposes, but that is in His hands.

Our responsibility is to let Him use us where we are. I and my maidens also will fast in the same way. Her reference to fasting would reveal her great confidence in the power of prayer, particularly in the fellowship of other believers in prayer. If we are facing trying circumstances, it might be wise to solicit the prayer support of other Christians. We do not need to air all our dirty linen, run down our spouses or gossip about anybody else involved in the problem.

All we need to do is admit that we have a need and ask our friends to stand with us in prayer. With that shroud of prayer surrounding and protecting us, the next step is to determine in our hearts that we shall do the will of God in that situation, whatever the cost or consequence. It may involve confronting someone whom we would rather avoid or admitting something we have tried to hide, as it did with Esther. But if we know it to be the will of God, we must do it.

And God will honor it. He did for Esther. God worked in a marvelous way. In fact, he performed a miracle for our encouragement. She spoke with quiet dignity rather than selfish demands or angry accusations. And instead of blurting out the problem, she invited Ahasuerus and Haman to dinner that evening. At dinner, she ignored the problem again, but rather invited them both to a second dinner the following evening.

It was not that she was softening him up or trying to manipulate him.

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She was using good wisdom, and most husbands and wives could learn a lesson from Esther about how to speak and when to speak. Grace and tact are the key words in her approach. God works in unusual ways. On the night between the banquets, Ahasuerus could not sleep. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Cardinal Pole, was dead and the see vacant; if Cranmer had been alive he would have crowned Elizabeth, as he had her mother, but unfortunately he had been burned by Mary. The duty — or privilege — fell to Nicholas Heath, Archbishop of York; but the bishops were sulking, since they could get no guarantees that Elizabeth would follow a Catholic course and they had their just suspicions.

In the end, Oglethorpe, Bishop of Carlisle — a not very important ecclesiastic — was persuaded to do the job. With the chapel singing the traditional Salve festa dies, they all passed into the Abbey. Some were Catholics, some Protestants, but most had their eye to the main chance and were, like sensible men, prepared to swim with the tide.

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  • The most notable figures of those years were absent: dukes in particular were wanting: Somerset, Northumberland, Suffolk had lost their heads; only the young Norfolk remained to play a part today, and he was to lose his a dozen years later. This was Edward, 3rd Earl, who was at heart a Catholic and had frequently taken part in proceedings against Protestants in her reign. Now he was facing the prospect of a new deal.

    It was due to his pulling his punch that Lancashire and Cheshire, where he ruled, were inadequately reformed and that so many Catholics continued in those parts. The second sword was carried by the Earl of Rutland. He was a Protestant, who had been a follower of Northumberland; but he conformed under Mary and now sailed into safe harbour with Elizabeth, who regarded him with favour for he was intelligent and liked learning. He was soon to be made ruler of the North, as Lord President.

    The Diamonds That Have Seen Queen Elizabeth Through The Longest Reign

    The Earl of Worcester, a Catholic, carried thethird sword. The Earl of Westmorland bore the fourth sword, also a Catholic, whose foolish young son was to break out into rebellion in — the Rising of the Northern Earls — and ruin his family. Twelfth earl, immensely aristocratic and conservative, he detested the new dealers of which the key-figure was the new Secretary of State, William Cecil — and was politically rather stupid.

    He involved himself later in the plots of Norfolk to marry Mary Stuart and, outwitted and defeated, had to retire from the Council. Next came the marquis of Winchester, Lord Treasurer, bearing the orb as he had done for Mary. He was a clever, complaisant Paulet, who was prepared to do anything for anybody within reason. He held high office under four reigns; Henry, Edward, Mary, Elizabeth — all found him indispensable.

    Once, when somebody asked the old man how he had managed to survive so many storms, he said that the clue was that he was made of willow, not oak. He was very useful, allthe more so for keeping his head; he made, of course, a great fortune and built a vast house.

    How Britain will cope with the death of the Queen | Letters

    Then came the Queen, her train borne by her cousin on the Tudor side, the countess of Lennox, to whose issue the crown was to descend, for she was mother of Darnley, grandmother of James I. So they all passed into the Abbey, the people scrabbling for the blue cloth they had walked on, as soon as the Queen had gone by — the custom, apparently, at coronations. Arrived, the Queen was placed in a chair of estate in the middle of the crossing, facing the high altar.

    MORE IN Style & Beauty

    At once the recognition — the first part of the coronation service — took place. She was conducted between two lords to be proclaimed by the bishop and acclaimed by the people in four directions — north, south, east, and west — the trumpets sounding at each proclamation. The two peers provided a nice symbolic contrast: Arundel, of the old Norman nobility, catholic and cultured; Pembroke, one of the newly risen Herberts, a doughty soldier, hardly literate but a great favourite with Henry, who had made him his immense fortune from the spoils of the Church.

    Next come the offering: the Queen was led before the high altar and, kneeling before a bishop seated there, kissed the paten and made her offering of gold. Then seated in a chair before the altar she heard the sermon, preached by a bishop: we do not know who. After the sermon, the Queen now kneeling, came the bidding of the beads — i.

    There followed the administering of the customary oaths by the bishop to the Queen: to keep the laws and customs of England, to keep peace to the Church and people, to execute justice in mercy and truth. Here there stepped forward that symptomatic figure, Secretary Cecil, master-mind of the new regime, to hand a copy of the oaths to the bishop.

    What was he doing here? Next came the most sacred moment of the ceremony — the consecration and anointing of the Queen. This was initiated by the singing of Veni, Creator and the Litany, and the saying of several long prayers. Previous sovereigns had endured this lying prostrate on cushions before the altar, and Mary had not been the one to omit it.

    ONE NIGHT WITH THE KING (Esther the Bible Movie)

    Elizabeth politely knelt: no doubt she held that sufficient. Now she was vested for the anointing; buskins, sandals and girdle put on, and over all a tabard of white sarsnet, the vestment called the colobium sindonis. Upon her head was placed a coif to protect the holy oil from running down — the coif, we know from the accounts, was of cambric lace; there were gloves of white linen and fine cotton wool to dry up the oil after the anointing.

    We do not know, but, presumably, Elizabeth was anointed in the five places usual then: palms of the hands, breast, between the shoulders, on the inside of the elbows, and lastly on the head. The anointing over, the Queen was invested and made ready for the delivery of the ornaments, the symbols of power. The gloves were presented to her by the lord of the manor of Worksop, who was the Earl of Shrewsbury — subsequently keeper of Mary Stuart and husband of Bess of Hardwick.

    The sword was offered to the Queen and redeemed by Arundel, as Lord Steward. Last came the delivery of the sceptre and the orb.

    The Queens Scepter (Worlds Apart Book 1) The Queens Scepter (Worlds Apart Book 1)
    The Queens Scepter (Worlds Apart Book 1) The Queens Scepter (Worlds Apart Book 1)
    The Queens Scepter (Worlds Apart Book 1) The Queens Scepter (Worlds Apart Book 1)
    The Queens Scepter (Worlds Apart Book 1) The Queens Scepter (Worlds Apart Book 1)
    The Queens Scepter (Worlds Apart Book 1) The Queens Scepter (Worlds Apart Book 1)
    The Queens Scepter (Worlds Apart Book 1) The Queens Scepter (Worlds Apart Book 1)
    The Queens Scepter (Worlds Apart Book 1) The Queens Scepter (Worlds Apart Book 1)
    The Queens Scepter (Worlds Apart Book 1) The Queens Scepter (Worlds Apart Book 1)

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