Lamore ci farà a pezzi. (Italian Edition)

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I have lived in many different cities and countries while growing up, thanks to my Italian diplomat father. Sense of place has always been very important to me. It grounds me. It took a few years for me to acclimatize to New York. I wandered the city, observing the diversity of the people, how the neighborhoods could change from wealthy to poor in a matter of a few blocks, how masses of people rushed out of the subways like ants running from danger, how thick with shoppers and foreigners Fifth Avenue was.

How kind everyone was when I looked lost. Slowly the go-for-it, you-can-do-it , anything-is-possible spirit that is at the heart of the city sank in. When it did, it gave me the courage to start writing. It gave me a chance to show my readers the backstabbing, the jealousies, and also the fun found in a successful New York advertising agency, predating Mad Men by quite a few years.

Always I tried to give my readers a solid sense of place.

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I followed The Trouble with a Small Raise with six more in the series. The second one, The Trouble with Moonlighting , ventured out in the streets of the city, starting at Lincoln Center, where Simona moonlights as dialogue coach for an Italian film crew, to Central Park West, Greenwich Village, Spanish Harlem, the Polish enclave of Greenpoint, and back to the advertising agency.

I spent countless hours at the Fashion Institute of Technology, reading up on the history of American fashion, on how garments are made. I spent two weeks in a showroom to see how dresses were sold.

I had fun and at the end of the mystery I added fashion footnotes to show my readers what I had gleaned with my research. Simona flew off to a Club Med for an advertising shoot in one novel. She flew home to Rome in another and took a vacation in East Hampton, which many New Yorkers consider just another city neighborhood. On a bench, a mother and two-year-old daughter were gazing at each other with palpable love.

The Price of Silence was published under my real name, Trinchieri, as it was a darker, more intense mystery. This time my protagonists move from a New York courthouse where Emma, the main character is on trial for murder, to the Lower East Side where she teaches English as a second language to Columbia University and Morningside Heights where she lives. I went back to a lighter, food-filled mystery with The Breakfast Club Murder , which was published last year. New York will always be part of my writing even if the setting is somewhere else.

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It will reside between the lines. New York is in my blood now. The city is a constant inspiration. I look, listen and learn. I think of New York City as an encyclopedia.

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Besides writing she loves cooking, painting and knitting. Her twelfth novel is Seeking Alice June , written under the name Trinchieri. Per tutti, in ogni caso, il colpevole era lui e il caso venne considerato chiuso. Lenni, dopo aver perso il ragazzo e la migliore amica, sta provando a sopravvivere al dolore e al tradimento. Ed ero felice quando era lei a confidarsi con me. In due eravamo forti, invincibili. E, se cambia, come cambia? Il prezzo del silenzio , il primo libro uscito in Italia, nacque dalla vista di uno sguardo amoroso fra una madre e la sua bambina in un parco.

I personaggi sono basati sulla mia famiglia. Volevo entrare nella testa di un uomo ferito dalla guerra e perseguitato dal senso di colpa. Rispunta fuori di sicuro anche se non ne siamo consapevoli. Ci condiziona.

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Ci fa agire nel modo sbagliato. In questo ultimo romanzo Lenni scappa a New York per dimenticare il dolore e il dubbio provocato dalla morte di Billy e Tracy. Quale ruolo hanno i sentimenti e gli affetti nella vita di una persona?

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I sentimenti, gli affetti ci definiscono. On the weekends, at Christmas and Easter, families often get together with their relatives. Nowadays, it is very common that both parents have jobs outside the home, and in this case the domestic chores are divided among the members of the family. However there are still many Italian housewives who spend most of their time at home. Being a new member of the family, you, too, will be asked to take part in some domestic choirs! Houses in Italy vary quite a bit.

Generally there are three types: apartment or condominium, a big country house surrounded by land, or a townhouse with a small garden yard. Many Italian families, especially in the cities, live in apartments. Once you become a regular student, just like your Italian schoolmates, you have the same rights and the same responsibilities.

Since school occupies such a large amount of time, it is important for you to consider it not only as a place to study, but also as a meeting place to make friends. It is very uncommon for Italian schools to have extra-curricular activities such as sports, drama etc.

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There are different varieties of high school as every student, at the end of middle school, is called to enroll in a school according to their personal interests and what kind of future career they want for themselves. There are academic, technical and vocational schools. Some one day civil holidays are spread over the school year and in some regions, the School Authorities may foresee a few other days of vacation. The day usually starts about 8.

Students have their lessons in the same classroom, while teachers alternate classrooms. The relationships between students and teachers are somewhat formal. Meals are important moments of the day for Italians. While eating, the family members spend time talking about what has been going on at school, at work, with friends and so on. Meal times vary from family to family, but generally the meals are eaten at the following times: colazione breakfast between and am.

Italians generally have a light breakfast of caffelatte coffee and milk or tea along with biscotti cookies or pane e marmellata bread with jam. Fruit is eaten after the meal, and dessert is usually served only on Sundays or special occasions such as birthdays or holidays. Beverages consist of water, often mineral water, still or sparkling, seldom soft drinks, and wine for the grown-ups.

Lamore ci farà a pezzi. (Italian Edition) Lamore ci farà a pezzi. (Italian Edition)
Lamore ci farà a pezzi. (Italian Edition) Lamore ci farà a pezzi. (Italian Edition)
Lamore ci farà a pezzi. (Italian Edition) Lamore ci farà a pezzi. (Italian Edition)
Lamore ci farà a pezzi. (Italian Edition) Lamore ci farà a pezzi. (Italian Edition)
Lamore ci farà a pezzi. (Italian Edition) Lamore ci farà a pezzi. (Italian Edition)
Lamore ci farà a pezzi. (Italian Edition) Lamore ci farà a pezzi. (Italian Edition)

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