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We discover that the love of God is tough love. The love we learn is complex and difficult.

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Worldly things we have power over, and we are to use this power for good. Spiritual things we can only influence. The laws of physical nature do not bind angels. Our angels are ever-vigilant to protect us from evil that originates from other dimensions of the unknown universes.

Collection of Angel Encounters and Sightings

We should just be glad they are there keeping us safe. There exist supernatural beings that seek chaos. They have no power over us except the power we give them. They are known as demons, the devil, or evil spirits. They should be rejected as much as possible. I will die of a broken heart. Has there been a moment in your life when we have ever been apart from you, when you have ever been alone or separate from us? Is it going to be like that when I go back? It feels lonely… That would kill me, in loneliness, to be apart from you. Senator Mark Kirk: What happened — I went downtown and was at Northwestern Memorial in the ICU, underwent three brain surgeries where the issue was brain swelling which would create such a pressure on the lower brain stem and could be fatal.

My doctors said without the procedure I would have been dead within three days. I do remember waking up in the ICU not exactly knowing where I was. Probably it was a pharmacological event. I think there was a lot of that in my system. Reporter: I read in the Daily Herald today about angels.

Did you feel as if there were angels there? Senator Mark Kirk: I did. I felt like there were three angels in the room. They probably have a regular gig there because of the issues. You know you can come with us if you want. I gained much insight. Sometimes they push us forward and sometimes they pull us backward. Always, they want very much for us to follow the path that has been laid out for us by God.

Original Link. As soon as the injection was given, I felt like I was going to pass out. The heart monitor machines that I was hooked up to started alarming and the doctors came running in to my room. Within seconds I went from frantic I tend to be a more anxious person than calm to sluggish and then sort of removed from the scene. The doctors were running around the room and then trying to get epinephrine into my IV to bring up my crashing blood pressure.

They were jabbing me with needles and missing. Jesus had his hands stretched down to the angel and he had his hands stretched down to me directly under Jesus. Jesus looked like the Catholic Jesus and the angel looked like a Catholic angel — not a cherub, but a tall, strong, man looking angel. The colors were amazing. He was very radiant. Also, I can tell you that I instinctively knew what they were doing my friends laugh at me when I try to explain this. I know it sounds weird but it was like they were throwing down whammy vibes or something.

They both looked very serious and intently busy with this project of theirs. It was a very calm encounter even though the physical circumstances were intense. All of this happened in a matter of 30 seconds. I was later shown that the lights were far more than that. One day as I was driving down a busy street, I stopped at a red light and watched an odd scene unfold before me. A delivery truck had parked on the right side of the street about a half-block ahead.

The truck was one that opened from the sides rather than the back. I watched as the driver walked around to the traffic side of his truck and began unloading his cargo with oncoming traffic approaching. For a brief moment, our eyes met. She smiled at me, then, hovering over the unsuspecting man, returned her attention to her charge who was oblivious to the heavenly presence and was busily going about his business. I was thunderstruck. When I was able to tear myself away from the spirit, I glanced slowly at the vista around me and everywhere I looked, every single person in my view had beautiful, loving spirits attending them.

People walking nonchalantly down the sidewalk were accompanied by spirits. From within cars, unfettered by physical barriers, I could see the glow and form of beings around the occupants. I saw joggers with flutters of light streaking behind them as their spirit kept pace. As people entered and left buildings, light beings followed. The view before me was filled with brilliant, white light.

I knew the lights were connected to the individual people, although more of them, than with them, almost as if they were an extension of their existence — a light connection to an aspect of their Higher Self. The lights, a connection to the humans, which were glinting off the beings were so bright and expansive, they interconnected, forming a sort of light grid. I comprehended that our oneness is interconnected by love and is an available, much higher level and means of communication than we normally use but to which we have access. This love is available to anyone who is willing to do the hard spiritual work that will allow us to open our hearts and minds and eyes to Spirit.

I remembered the love I had felt in the presence of God and experienced a total sense of love for all existence as an interconnected oneness and a manifestation of God. Only God exists, God is everything. All that I gaze upon is a representation of God; not the physical mirage but rather, the shining brilliance behind the mask. I looked down at my speedometer and realized I was barely creeping forward in the car. With sheets of tears streaming down my face and all but blind with emotion, I pulled to the side of the road until I could take in all that I had witnessed and regain my composure.

They described these as humanlike most said they had wings ; either black or white of color like a black or white color crayon or colored like real people are with the variations found in human skin hues. With adults and teenagers, the figure is fifty-fifty. Some spoke of angels who were black or dark in color like the kids did ; but, for most, these beings were simply seen as bright or white often identified as guides or guardians.

Most were deceased pets, yet some were unknown to the experiencer. Larger animals tended to appear for adults horses, lions, dogs, eagles , and smaller animals for kids birds, bunnies, turtles.

Collection of Reader Stories

On occasion, I did run across reports of misshapen, grotesque, or demonic greeters, or those who looked so alien that the experiencer was at a loss to describe them. To learn more about child prodigy Akiane Kramarik, click here. Melvin Morse Excerpt from Parting Visions. I have also found that guardian angels lend their help at other times of crisis, when a person needs answers to bolster his or her flagging spirit.

Surgery appeared more brutal and bloody than I imagined it would look, especially from a degree vantage point. I could see the doctors and the entire room all at once without blinking or relying on eyes, and there, in the room with the doctors, nurses, surgical technicians, anesthesiologist, and others, I felt incredible joy and shock as I realized all does not die with the body. After rejoicing a moment, I noticed two of the most intelligent beings I had ever seen. They were very large, approximately eight or nine feet, androgynous, with long shoulder length hair and composed more of light than solid form.

I call them angels only because I have no other term for them. These angels were part of an added reality and nothing like a dream. I only know that I immediately recognized them as incredibly intelligent beings whose presence gave me indescribable peace.

My own awareness of this new dimension seemed much more limited than their awareness. Most of what I realized outside of my body in the operating room came through immediate impressions, the way a child sizes up whether an adult is trustworthy or not. The angels were trustworthy and there to help and comfort me, so I did not question their authority.

The light emitting from the eyes of the angels and sent into my spirit body allowed me to access information faster than the fastest possible broadband speed in megabytes or even terabytes. The surgeons, most likely, did not realize this interaction. I knew that my awareness, my understanding of the world, and my ability to experience joy was growing exponentially moment by moment.

My physical body was instantly altered and healed in ways that the doctors might not have been able to heal me. I knew that I would walk again, that the fragments of bone would be picked out of my spine, and that I would feel healthy and run again at some point in the future.

The angels turned back toward me letting this moment sink in. I only knew that I needed to remember this moment vividly. Almost from the beginning I had sensed it, but for a long time I could not locate it. When I did it was with a shock that left me stunned. That entire unhappy plain was hovered over by beings seemingly made of light. It was their very size and blinding brightness that had prevented me at first from seeing them. Perhaps even conversing with them. Was the Light beside me also an angel? But the thought that had pressed itself so undeniably on my mind in that little hospital room had been: You are in the presence of the Son of God.

Could it be that each of these other human wraiths, wretched and unworthy like me, was also in His presence? In a realm where space and time no longer followed any rules I knew, could He be standing with each of them as He was with me? All I clearly saw was that not one of these bickering beings on the plain had been abandoned. They were being attended, watched over, ministered to. If Jesus or His angels were speaking to them, they certainly did not hear. There was no pause in the stream of rancor coming from their own hearts; their eyes sought only some nearby figure to humiliate.

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It would have seemed to me impossible not to be aware of what were the hugest and most striking features of that whole landscape, except that I myself had stared at them unseeing. Angels had crowded the living cities and towns we had visited. They had been present in the streets, the factories, the homes, even in that raucous bar, where nobody had been any more conscious of their existence than I myself had. And suddenly I realized that there was a common denominator to all these scenes so far. It was the failure to see Jesus. Yamatoots could be considered as comparable to angels that feature in Western traditions.

Their appearance varied in the cases reported by Murphy but their role was to guide the person to Yama. Angel in Gold by near-death experiencer Nancy Rynes. That woman was absolutely flawless. The most beautiful color skin and hair and eyes. And her touch was so soft and gentle, just soothing.

The survivors of a fiery, two-car accident in Crawford, Texas, were rescued by angels. Anthony, who was unconscious, and whose car was engulfed in flames, was floated in the air out of the fiery wreckage while Lisa was pulled through an 8 inch opening. We all have a guardian angel.

Your guardian angel is there with you now, whether you believe it or not. But then, I have been seeing angels since I was a baby. I see them as physically as I see someone standing in front of me. I have never seen anyone without a guardian angel. I wish I could.

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All I can do is tell you what I see and am told and then leave it up to you. Until I was in my early 50s, I hardly talked about what I could see. I was afraid I would be ridiculed and laughed at, that people would say I was crazy. But now that I realize how much help people are getting from knowing that I can see a guardian angel with everyone, I no longer care what people think. The truth is that the guardian angels were there trying to avert the disaster or tragedy. Malthael: Nephalem. Malthael: Imperius. Imperius: Brother If only you had not attacked the High Heavens Imperius: How, Malthael?

How could you betray everything we stand for? Answer me! Malthael: Careful, brother, lest wrath consume you. Johanna: Haven't I killed you several times , Malthael? Malthael: And I you. Likely a reference to Adventure Mode, where a player can fight bosses as they wish, rather than at certain points in the story. A player can kill a boss hundreds of times, and in times where things go wrong, the boss can kill the player many times as well. Lesser evil hero.

Malthael: A "lesser" evil. The Lesser Evils are four powerful demons who are only second to the three Great Evils. These four Lesser Evils hold their own domains in Hell and constantly have sought to gain greater power. These four evils are Andariel, Duriel, Belial, and Azmodan.

Li-Ming: The Angel of Death? Malthael: Death respects no borders, Nephalem. A never wholly welcome guest. I feel it. Malthael: What is this There are no fish people in Diablo. Something like Murky would be extremely odd to Malthael, who once knew or believed he knew everything.

Murky's life is all for vengeance, and to slay every non-murloc in Azeroth for their continued transgressions against his kind. This is pretty similar to Malthael's work to eradicate all humanity. Malthael: Tyrael Tyrael: Malthael Tyrael: Are you ready to meet out justice?

Malthael: Yes, brother. Malthael: Death should not be wielded by the corruptible. Xul: Only actions will get this over with. Not words. Malthael finds humans to be weak to temptation and corruption. Necromancers controlling the power of death, as a result, is a personal affront to him. Xul: Those who disturb the Balance shall be unmade.

Malthael: Humanity's destruction will bring a new balance. Necromancers believe in a balance between good and evil, that evil should never be truly eradicated, for it will simply shift a balance so that good turns on itself. Malthael could be seen as the very proof of that: with the Prime Evil destroyed and demons effectively erased, angels such as Malthael and Urzael turned on humanity and their own kind. Malthael: Ready yourself. Generic Positive. Generic Negative. The only reason angels like Imperius end up in conflict with Malthael is because Malthael attacked the Pandemonium Gate in the High Heavens to prevent the nephalem from following him.

Only death is eternal! Without Auriel, angels can no longer feel hope.

Malthael in | fantasy armor | Diablo reaper of souls, Heroes of the storm, Diablo game

When she was captured by Diablo, it was enough for angels to give up and consign themselves to death at the hands of the Burning Hells. Killing her can only cause even worse problems for them. They are born of angel and demon, but demons pervert whatever they touch. The humans are corrupt, and are not worthy of the choice between good and evil - angels and demons do not choose, as it should be. Humanity's heritage from nephalem is specifically why Malthael hates them. The fact that nephalem were being born again proved to him that the danger of demonic resurgence is always possible.

Tyrael is the one who initially begins the war against Malthael, recruiting the Nephalem and eventually getting the aid of other angels after Malthael attacked Pandemonium Gate. Tyrael also actively voted to spare humanity long ago, while Malthael abstained and then later wishes he had voted to destroy them back then. The initial grunting poke quotes are a reference to how Malthael is an extremely quiet individual.

He rarely speaks, and when he does, it's often in extremely short sentences. As he became less benevolent, though, his voice became cold and dark, capable of filling a man's thoughts only of permanent and empty death. This is such a defining feature of him that he is known as The Silent Angel. Malthael is quite serious. Since poke quotes are intended to be jokes, it's extremely out of character for him to do anything even remotely funny or superfluous, even more so than the majority of other serious Blizzard characters.

In an interview about the first atomic bomb dropping, credited father of the invention J. Robert Oppenheimer stated that upon seeing the bomb drop, he thought of a translation of a Hindu scripture that read "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds". Death and debt sound very similar, death and taxes are the two constants of life, and being in debt while alive is probably actually scarier than dying for some people.

Storm Angel: Angel of Death Storm Angel: Angel of Death
Storm Angel: Angel of Death Storm Angel: Angel of Death
Storm Angel: Angel of Death Storm Angel: Angel of Death
Storm Angel: Angel of Death Storm Angel: Angel of Death
Storm Angel: Angel of Death Storm Angel: Angel of Death

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