450 Things You May Not Know About The Boston Celtics

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Lakers Get Their Man

The Celtics haven't indicated what they plan to do, but Ricky Rubio is a point guard who plays well in a team structure. He would help Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown grow into stardom by feeding them for easy buckets. This isn't hard. When your star player just scored the third-most points in postseason history, won the Finals MVP and led you to your first NBA championship, retaining that guy is your top option.

For the same reason, and maybe a little bit because of Durant's torn Achilles tendon, he'll be the most sought-after free agent. Leonard has divulged nothing regarding his plans, but you have to think the title provided some incentive to stay. Cory Joseph would make sense at that price. He can run an offense reasonably well and play off the ball some, which would allow Beal to thrive as the primary ball-handler and scorer. They have only one point guard under contract Jeff Teague , but they can use the Bird exception on Derrick Rose, and Tyus Jones is a restricted free agent.

The Wolves were bad from range last year with just A guy like Terrence Ross, who shot They're not only well over the tax, but they're also a repeat offender, which raises the payout even more. Folks, that is a lot of money for a small-market team that can't make it out of the first round, so I wouldn't expect them to use their full MLE. The Thunder could use another combo forward, and Jeff Green fits that bill.

He'd likely be available for the minimum, and the story of him coming home to the franchise with which he started his career has a certain feel-good vibe to it. After the Houston Rockets once again lost to the Golden State Warriors in the playoffs, they seemed like they might blow things up. But following injuries that could keep both Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant out for most or all of the season, the Rockets seem like they have the inside lane to the Finals. The Rockets are well above the cap. The Lakers still have to flesh out the rest of their team with limited cap space, and James and Davis are still unfamiliar with one another.

So why not bring back Trevor Ariza, who helped them win 65 games in ? His three-and-D abilities make him the exact kind of player who could help, and he'd be gettable with the MLE. Of course, if James Harden and Chris Paul don't reconcile , maybe none of that means anything. The Orlando Magic finally made it back to the playoffs last season, ending a drought that stretched back to the Dwight Howard trade in Ironically, their big man, Nikola Vucivic, was a major factor, leading the team in points Only Giannis Antetokounmpo and Anthony Davis put up similar numbers.

There is some contract-year risk here, as Vucevic had by far his best season. The Portland Trail Blazers got to the Western Conference Finals last year, but they were swept by the Golden State Warriors the games were a bit more competitive than the sweep might indicate.


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Like the Rockets, they might have been confronting existential questions if the Warriors weren't facing injury concerns. But the door has been kicked open, and the Blazers hope to be the ones to walk through it. If Seth Curry leaves, which is a real possibility, they'll need to replace him, and Reggie Bullock Kemba Walker is the greatest player in Charlotte Hornets history, and there is a genuine possibility he'll put the "walk" in Walker as he walks away from the only team for which he's ever played.

Kemba is the franchise's all-time leader in minutes, points, two-pointers, three-pointers, free throws, win shares and value over replacement player while sitting second in assists, third in steals and sixth in rebounds. That's why general manager Mitch Kupcheck told reporters , "I think this is a place that he wants to be, and we'll do everything that we can to bring him back here.

He could be lured away if he can still get paid in a location where he feels he has a better chance of winning. The Heat are barely over the apron, and they're not in repeater territory, so the tax man is not going to hit them as hard as Golden State or Oklahoma City. There is a world in which Hassan Whiteside and Goran Dragic opt for free agency and the Heat have cap space. Unfortunately for Miami fans, that world is not the one we live in. Realistically, they're just going to have the mini-MLE to play with. They could use a guy who can run the offense when Dragic is out.

While Justise Winslow had some success as a point guard last year, it doesn't seem to be a long-term solution. Payton, however, is a prototypical point guard who has had success when in a strong system, and head coach Erik Spoelstra has always been good at adapting his offense to his players.

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Payton averaged Reggie Jackson has been stellar at times, but his injury history definitely mandates a quality backup. Seth Curry is a guy who can fill that role. Additionally, he would be able to provide spacing and play alongside Jackson. The best they'll be able to do is the taxpayer exception, and it's probably not worth it.

They're also in the repeater tax, and that's similarly not worth it for a team that has no chance of contention. Moreover, it'll be hard for them to dredge up the remnants of free-agent minimums to find someone who wants to play for the Cavaliers. I don't mean to imply anything against the city of Cleveland—just that the team is, well, terrible.

Their best bet is probably to retain David Nwaba, who has the potential to develop, and wait for next season when they free up cap space and can do something of more significance. Other teams will try to compete for Jimmy Butler, but the Sixers have one big advantage: They can offer him an extra year. I think that's key, for sure. Did he complain? Did always come through for his team?

Odds to Win the NBA Eastern Conference: Bucks Are Odds-On Faves

As further evident of the fact that he played in over consecutive games! Durable, smart and the ultimate team player Based in New York City, his birthplace, 'Satch' designs programs to help both veteran and rookie players take advantage of their unique status as professional athletes and to assist them in coping with the special pressures they face. Can you share with us some of your specific duties? Sanders : "I have been working for the National Basketball Association in the office of Player Programs for some time.

Basically, we're still trying to help players make that adjustment coming into the game and, certainly, while they are here but also on the way out - their departure time. So, we are working with players on 'adjustments'. Sanders : "Oh, I'd say about 16 years ago, maybe 17, now as time is sort of running together, I went down and had an opportunity to sit down and talk with Commissioner Stern for two or three different opportunities. First, I consulted with him on their rookie program.

Then, after a few years with that program he thought there was some value there and we got together and I started to head-up their Player Programs department. Sanders : "Well, it's more or less, something that should be done. We talked a lot about how players were having difficulty making the adjustments and how, if we helped them right in the first place, there was a strong possibility they would be able to get through their careers and even do better.

And, even having a good shot at really doing well when they finish playing ball. That was the part of our program's main goal. Sanders : "Well, I tell you, fond memories come about every single time I take a look at that parquet floor, OK? Tickets can be bought on board trains, but at a slight surcharge. Trains heading north of the city leave from North Station, while those heading south or west leave from South Station. The two stations are not directly connected: you cannot board a train north of the city and take it to a point south of the city.

Such a journey will require a subway ride in-between train trips to make the connection. Your current alternative to late-night public transit is a taxi.

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Taxis can be hailed at any significant street corner, such as Kenmore Square or Copley Square. Fun fact, as of summer , Boston has the most expensive taxis of any major American city. Boston's downtown core is compact and easily walkable. However, if you cross against signals just remember to watch out for stray bikes, cars, and some unusual traffic patterns you won't be used to.

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  • The climate is cold from December to April, and the city is the windiest in America. Snow can also be an obstacle. If it's late at night, or you feel you cannot deal with the cost of a taxi or the wait involved with the MBTA, then Boston is a relatively small, relatively safe city and walking is an option. Just remember to use the same sense you would in any other city. If you want to explore Boston by foot, you can find many 2 miles self guided and free treks on Urban Trekking Boston , complete with photos and maps to use on your phone, or to print beforehand.

    Many Boston residents use bicycling as their primary mode of transit all year round, and Boston's small size and relative flatness make biking an appealing way to get around. Boston lacks many amenities for bicyclists, however, as the roads are covered with potholes and frequently absent of designated bicycle lanes or bicycle racks, so visitors wishing to travel by bicycle should have excellent urban riding skills prior to renting a bicycle. Cambridge tends to have more bicycle lanes and racks, though many streets still lack them.

    Riding on the sidewalk is frowned upon in the city of Cambridge and Boston, and being well-lit in the evenings is important both for following regulations and for being safe. Recent efforts by Mayor Thomas Menino promise increased city investment in bicycling as a viable mode of transportation, and the mayor himself has taken up biking around town. This is an excellent means of transit if you intend on staying in Jamaica Plain.

    On July 28, , Boston launched New Balance Hubway a bike sharing system that now has stations and bicycles. For this fare, you can make unlimited use of bikes during the period, while sticking to a maximum of 30 minutes per trip. So you take a bike and park it somewhere else within 30 minutes. Repeat this procedure as often as you want! There are several visitor pass programs that offer discounted or free admission to a number of the sites listed below, among them the Go Boston Card [78] and the Boston CityPASS [79].

    Depending on the length of your stay and what you want to see, either program could potentially save you quite a bit of money. A good resource for daily and nightly event listings of all sizes and interests can be found by picking up a free Weekly Dig or The Phoenix newspaper from one of the many free newspaper vending boxes located at most major busy intersections. Additionally, there are several free mobile applications like Hoppit and Nara to find great local restaurants, bars, and coffee shops.

    Boston is a sports town, and its professional teams are much-loved. Another professional team, the Boston Breakers women's soccer , is less well established. The Greater Boston area has some 65 accredited institutions of higher learning, including many world-renowned colleges, universities, conservatories, and seminaries.

    The metro Boston area has something of around , students living in the area at any given time. In addition, there are two large malls in and near the center of the city. Boston has excellent seafood from the nearby New England coast. Local specialties include baked beans, cod, and clam chowder. For dessert you'll have no trouble finding good ice cream. Boston and New England as a whole are one of the top per-capita ice cream consuming regions. A variety of excellent ethnic restaurants can be found in neighborhoods such as the North End, Chinatown, Allston, or Coolidge Corner. The best sit-down restaurants can be quite crowded in the evenings on weekends.

    Unless you have a reservation, be prepared to wait anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, depending on how refined your tastes are. The North End is full of Italian eateries, and it's certain that you'll find something here to your liking. Take the Green or Orange Lines to the Haymarket station, cross the Greenway park what used to be Interstate 93 pre-Big Dig , and then follow the signs to Hanover Street, the main commercial thoroughfare.

    Most of the good restaurants are on this street or on side streets.

    The Republican

    If you visit the North End on the weekend in the summer you may encounter one of many saint's festivals. Streets are closed off and there are music, food, and parades of the saint's statues. The Beacon Street address is the original and does not look much like the set of the show. If you ask a local for directions to Cheers, you may be directed to Faneuil Hall. The Beacon Street bar is referred to by its original name. Both locations are very touristy complete with souvenir shops.

    Despite having a huge student population, the political clout of residential neighborhood associations who value late-night peace and quiet has historically kept Boston from offering many options for late-night dining. Most restaurants close by 10 or 11pm, even in college neighborhoods such as Allston and Brookline. Bars stay open till 2am for drinking but their kitchens usually close at midnight or earlier. Exceptions are found in Chinatown, where several eateries serve their full menu till 2AM or later, and in the South End, where dining until midnight is possible even early in the week.

    EVERYTHING that WENT WRONG with the Boston Celtics

    If you're planning a long night, though, it's probably best to plan ahead and buy some snacks in advance. Boston also has a thriving food truck scene. The best way to find the food trucks and figure out where the are is your iPhone or Android. Boston has a thriving nightlife and is known to be a 'drinking' town. There are many venues that cater to college students, businesspeople, sports fanatics, and many others. Bar Hopping is very easy and commonly done. In case you plan on taking the bus or the T back to your house or hotel be aware that the public transit system shuts down before 1am during the week and shortly after 2am on Fridays and Saturdays.

    During the day many bars pubs and bars serve food and therefore there is no age limit. With a large Irish population, Boston has a number of very good Irish pubs. Irish pubs offer great food and drink and often live music in the evening. Many tourists look for an authentic "Boston Irish Pub". A good rule of thumb is if the establishment has a neon shamrock in the window, it is not an authentic Irish pub. For nightlife and club listings look for "Stuff Night" or "The Weekly Dig" in the free boxes on the street.

    The annual "Best of Boston" issue of the free Improper Bostonian is always a good bet for finding the kind of establishment that you are in the mood for. There are multiple nightclubs and lounges near the Theatre District, Chinatown, in the Faneuil Hall area as well as in Cambridge. More nightclubs can be found in the district articles. In Davis Square, Somerville you can find Sligo's Pub , a similar hole in the wall serving cheap beer in plastic cups. Trillium Brewing Co. Many other small-scale craft breweries can be found in Greater Boston cities such as Everett, Chelsea, and Somerville.

    Several operators run tours by vehicle between local breweries so that you may sample without the need to drive under the influence.

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    • You should be able to stand on any corner in the city and see at least two Dunkin' Donuts stores. The commercials should really be "Boston runs on Dunkin. Dunkins is very popular, but coffee aficionados will consider it little more than coffee flavored sugar water, and will want to look elsewhere.

      Odds to Win the NBA Championship: Bucks Are The Faves | Odds Shark

      Quality and service at a Dunkin' Donuts is really hit or miss depending on the location. Au Bon Pain's stores began in Boston and are also common. Starbucks are, of course, plentiful. Boston does, however, have some outstanding independent coffee shops as well, including the Boston Common Coffee Co. Coffee shops offering finer quality coffee that is third wave and often single origin are plentiful in Boston. Some neighborhoods especially Roxbury, Roslindale, Mattapan, and Dorchester are more dangerous than average, and extra care should be taken there.

      It is even better to avoid walking in these areas at night if possible. Still, the biggest threats for tourists in Boston are mostly pickpockets. Dangers related to alcohol consumption are not uncommon, such as fights and drunk driving. Wearing Yankees gear in any part of town even if you're not from NY , especially in the Fenway area, is invitation to be verbally harassed by the locals.

      Although generally harmless and in good fun, it is not unheard of for these encounters to escalate into physical altercations, especially when there is excess alcohol consumption involved. It usually takes two people to start a fight, in these cases. Just walk away.

      There are plenty of bars, pubs, clubs, and restaurants that cater to the college, professional, and upscale crowd, greatly reducing the likelihood of crime. Boston's subway system, the MBTA, is generally safe compared to other major cities, but remember that it starts shutting down not long after midnight. Green Line trains and the northern half of the Red Line are mostly used by college students and young professionals moving to and from the immediate suburbs.

      Caution is still advisable late at night, especially when leaving the station or the train. If there is an emergency, dial , a free call, from any telephone for police, medical, and fire services. Greater Boston uses digit dialing. This means you need to include the area code whenever you are making a call. The standard area code is , but some phone numbers, especially cell phones, use the new overlay.

      Boston makes an excellent starting point for any tour of New England. Just click any blue "Edit" link and start writing! From Wikitravel. Jump to: navigation , search. Allston and Brighton Allston-Brighton Located west of Boston proper, these districts especially Brighton are primarily residential, and are home to many students and young professionals. The border between the two is a fuzzy subject of debate, so they are often considered as one neighborhood by outsiders. Beacon Hill Once the neighborhood of the Boston Brahmins.

      Beacon Hill has real gas-lit street lanterns on many of the streets, as well as many original bricks dating back to age of the city itself. Because the Massachusetts State House is located here, "Beacon Hill" is often used as a metonym to refer to the state government or the legislature. Chinatown Great Asian food, great herbalists and next to downtown and the theater district. Dorchester "Dot" A large working class neighborhood often considered Boston's most diverse.

      The heir apparent

      It is also the center of city and state governments, businesses, and shopping. Several underwater tunnels connect East Boston to the rest of the city. Large Latin American population. This area also includes a number of Boston bars, eateries, and the "Lucky Strike" bowling alley. Financial District Boston's business and financial center, this area has plenty of restaurants, bars, and tourist attractions such as the New England Aquarium. Mission Hill A residential neighborhood, with a very large student population. North End The city's Italian neighborhood with excellent restaurants.

      It is also the location of the Old North Church. South Boston Southie This is a proud residential neighborhood with a waterfront district and the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center on its north side. Home to one of the largest Irish and Irish-American populations in the country. Large gay population. Categories : Has custom banner Articles with districts discussion Huge city articles Articles needing IsPartOf category All destination articles Pages linked to a data item for a disambiguation HasDocent Usable articles. Namespaces Page Discussion.

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      450 Things You May Not Know About The Boston Celtics 450 Things You May Not Know About The Boston Celtics
      450 Things You May Not Know About The Boston Celtics 450 Things You May Not Know About The Boston Celtics
      450 Things You May Not Know About The Boston Celtics 450 Things You May Not Know About The Boston Celtics
      450 Things You May Not Know About The Boston Celtics 450 Things You May Not Know About The Boston Celtics
      450 Things You May Not Know About The Boston Celtics 450 Things You May Not Know About The Boston Celtics
      450 Things You May Not Know About The Boston Celtics 450 Things You May Not Know About The Boston Celtics

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