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Höllensturm: Die Vernichtung Deutschlands, 1944-1947 (German Edition)

Sie sollte unsichtbar sein, zum Schweigen verdammt, auf ewig. Niemand sollte von dieser Nacht erfahren, damals, in Las Vegas, und vor allem nicht von ihrer Version. Aus Angst um sich und ihre Familie, sagt sie, habe sie zugestimmt.

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Doch das sei ihr nie gelungen, sagt Kathryn Mayorga. Bis vor Kurzem hat sie an einer Grundschule gearbeitet. Den Job, sagt sie, habe sie aber aufgegeben, "weil ich jetzt all meine Kraft brauche". Kraft, sich dem Mann entgegenzustellen, von dem sie behauptet, er habe sie vor neun Jahren vergewaltigt, was dieser bestreitet. Der Mann ist nicht irgendwer. Der Mann ist Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Sie waren sich am Juni in einem Nachtklub in Las Vegas begegnet. Research into the topic began too late for oral histories, writes Gebhardt: the interview method would reopen old wounds for the small number of living survivors. There are few official records of rape during the period in question as the Germans had absolutely no leverage when it came to taking legal action against occupying forces. Gebhardt acknowledges she has come under some criticism for basing her calculations on the reports of victims themselves.

Yet, this is reflective of the patriarchal notion that the testimony of rape victims should automatically be doubted in principle, she argues, and further disrespects victims. When US troops took Munich on 30 April , the widely held conviction was that they would be well-behaved and considerate towards German civilians. In Chapter Three, the author notes that this impression quickly evaporated: the arrival of US soldiers in Upper Bavaria was accompanied at first by widespread looting and destruction, and then rape.

According to the Military Prosecutor General, German women were more frequently injured, beaten unconscious, abused more frequently in front of husbands or relatives and more frequently penetrated orally or anally by GIs than by the British or French.

Vergewaltigung Antike by Doblhofer Georg - AbeBooks

Such acts were met with only a moderate degree of indignation, particularly by ecclesiastical authorities. Unfortunately the girls themselves were to blame in some cases […] they […] smiled at blacks and begged for chocolate until the calamity occurred. There was little sympathy for raped women, particularly those who had interacted with US troops in some, often insignificant, way.

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Crimes Unspoken presents a compelling insight into a little explored topic, and deserves a place in wider narratives surrounding World War II. However, demands for accountability are not justification enough for the author: there are more important reasons for embarking on such a project, the main one being the demand for fair treatment.

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The ultimate goal of Crimes Unspoken is giving victims the recognition they deserve. She received a distinction for her MA dissertation on the motivations of women involved in ethno-national liberation movements. Her academic interests include feminist methodologies and political theory, memory and reconciliation politics, and gender in IR. You can follow her on Twitter: polygluttony. Click here to cancel reply.

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Vergewaltigt (German Edition) Vergewaltigt (German Edition)
Vergewaltigt (German Edition) Vergewaltigt (German Edition)
Vergewaltigt (German Edition) Vergewaltigt (German Edition)
Vergewaltigt (German Edition) Vergewaltigt (German Edition)
Vergewaltigt (German Edition) Vergewaltigt (German Edition)
Vergewaltigt (German Edition) Vergewaltigt (German Edition)
Vergewaltigt (German Edition) Vergewaltigt (German Edition)
Vergewaltigt (German Edition) Vergewaltigt (German Edition)
Vergewaltigt (German Edition) Vergewaltigt (German Edition)

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