What Is This Feeling?

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Her latest book is Reconstructing Schopenhauer's Ethics Edited by Sam Dresser. Have you ever felt awe and exhilaration while contemplating a vista of jagged, snow-capped mountains? Or been fascinated but also a bit unsettled while beholding a thunderous waterfall such as Niagara?

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Or felt existentially insignificant but strangely exalted while gazing up at the clear, starry night sky? It is an aesthetic experience that modern, Western philosophers often theorise about, as well as, more recently, experimental psychologists and neuroscientists in the field of neuroaesthetics.

Responses to the sublime are puzzling. It became a problem to explain why the sublime should be experienced overall with positive affect and valued so highly, given that it was seen to also involve an element of pain. Deepening the sense of paradox is the view that the experience of the sublime is actually more profound and satisfying than that of the beautiful.

Thin sublime, then, is akin to an immediate reaction of awe, and this bare cognitive appraisal that kind of stuns and overwhelms the appreciator might very well be the first moment in all sublime aesthetic responses. But when one lingers in that experience of awe, and the mind starts to reflect on the features of the awe-inspiring landscape or phenomenon, and the way it makes one feel, then this cognitive-affective engagement constitutes thick sublime experience.

W hy do these sorts of sublime experiences matter? But for Kant and Schopenhauer, the experience is profounder still.

This is how Kant describes the experience and significance of what he terms the dynamically sublime that is, an aesthetic experience of overwhelming power :. And yet, it also reveals that we transcend nature as moral agents and systematic knowers.

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Insofar as we are morally free beings capable of comprehending nature in a systematic way, we are in a sense independent of and superior to nature. In an example of a high degree of the mathematically sublime an experience of nature as vast , for example, Schopenhauer writes:.

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  • First is the thought that as cognising, thinking subjects we in a sense create support, construct our own world — a second nature, as it were — a world of our own subjective experience. The source of the pleasure in sublime experiences derives, according to Kant, from an appreciation of our capacity for moral and theoretical transcendence of mere nature, and, in Schopenhauer, from a reflection on the two-fold nature of our selves.

    On the one hand, we have power as cognising subjects — we are creators of a world, a world of subjective experience; and on the other hand, the experience reveals in an intuitive fashion that we are at bottom really unified with all of nature. Are such accounts as those offered by Kant and Schopenhauer relics of a more metaphysical age? Our best science does not demystify our awe at the starry night sky or a wide expanse of ocean. Nor does science render environments such as volcanic mountains, storms at sea, powerful cascades or expanses of desert nonthreatening.

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    Scientific understanding deepens our sense of awe and wonder at these environments and phenomena, and our human nature within and relative to them. Such thoughts are both natural to human beings and scientifically respectable. They constitute for some a paradoxical feeling of being at once unified with and not at home in the world; of feeling both ridiculously small and insignificant in the grand scheme and nonetheless a powerful centre of knowledge, freedom and value in the world.

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    What Is This Feeling?

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    What Is This Feeling? What Is This Feeling?
    What Is This Feeling? What Is This Feeling?
    What Is This Feeling? What Is This Feeling?
    What Is This Feeling? What Is This Feeling?
    What Is This Feeling? What Is This Feeling?
    What Is This Feeling? What Is This Feeling?
    What Is This Feeling? What Is This Feeling?
    What Is This Feeling? What Is This Feeling?

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